The vision for “Sammy’s Room” began when we saw our recovery residents trying to engage with their children for visits conducted for custody/severance hearings. CPS, as it was called then, could not get a clear picture of interaction between mother and child. With the help of a grant from the Virginia Piper Foundation, two of our female board members joined us to come up with a plan – a plan that would soon be known as “Sammy’s Room”. At about that same time an alumni, Sammy Jo Valdez, was tragically killed in an automobile accident caused by a young man under the influence of heroin. When Sammy passed, her mother Deborah began designing and selling bracelets with the proceeds being donated to Crossroads for Women. Deborah purchased book cases, table and chairs, books, games and toys for the room, and it was subsequently dubbed with Sammy’s namesake.
With the 10 year anniversary upon us, the room has been an asset to many women and their children. Many families have been reunited because of the engagement they were able to demonstrate in Sammy’s Room.
Now that Crossroads has merged both of our women’s facilities, and with COVID19 fading, the need for Sammy’s Room to be reconstructed is higher than ever! So we recently asked our community to consider making a new or used donation to the reconstruction of Sammy’s Room, and the outpouring of support was overwhelming. So much of our wish-list was purchased by our amazing donors and alumni, and we can not give enough gratitude for their generosity in the reconstruction process. But there are still a few items needed to finish filling the room such as books, crayons, coloring pencils, paper, coloring books, and cleaning supplies (broom, Clorox wipes, ect). Any and all support is so greatly appreciated! Click the link to check out what still needs to be donated->