Crossroads has been providing high quality, successful and affordable state licensed substance abuse treatment services for individuals suffering with substance use disorder since 1960. Crossroads understands that every recovery experience is unique, and offers multiple program options and campus locations to meet individual treatment preferences.

Crossroads offers a full continuum of care which allows clients an opportunity to participate in long-term treatment through a step-down process aimed at preparing clients to achieve sustainable recovery outcomes. Programming options include Right Track Residential Program, Outpatient and Aftercare Programs, and Integrated Care. Please contact the admissions department at 602-263-5242 to discuss options.

Enrolling in Right Track significantly increases the chance of successfully completing Crossroads

Treatment Programs

Right Track is a highly structured, 60-day intensive residential treatment program that incorporates:

  • Individualized assessment of needs for treatment and supportive services, program planning, goal setting, and physical health assessments
  • Peer Mentoring designed to prepare residents for a successful treatment experience, as well as to assist them throughout the treatment process
  • Individual and group substance abuse counseling
  • 6 days per week of intensive psychoeducational groups consisting of substance abuse and recovery education, relapse prevention, basic life skills, coping strategies, anger/feelings management and conflict resolution.
  • 12-step meetings and SMART Recovery groups, including over 100 self-help meetings held on our campuses each week
  • Mental health and physical health referrals
  • Coordination of care/family involvement
  • Aftercare and discharge planning
  • Weekly drug and alcohol testing to ensure sobriety

Recovery from substance use disorder does not end after an individual completes residential treatment. Maintaining a routine and keeping up with a personal recovery program can be difficult after leaving a Crossroads facility. External factors and influences can emerge, and anxiety and stressors can become overwhelming. Continued care treatment in an outpatient and aftercare program can help individuals stay connected and focused by providing accountability, support, resources, and continued skill building to ensure successful long-term recovery.

Crossroads Outpatient Department offers multiple outpatient and aftercare sections:

Crossroads Pretrial Outpatient Program (CPOP)

  • Comprehensive Outpatient program for U.S. Pretrial Services clients which includes halfway house placement and subsequent aftercare services. CPOP has sections for Men at Crossroads Arcadia facility and for Women at Crossroads Flower facility. CPOP Curriculum is focused on relapse prevention, ongoing reintegration, and emotional preparation for sentencing.

Crossroads Aftercare Program (CAP)

  • Co-ed outpatient program offered via telehealth. CAP has both conventional Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) levels of care available. Enrolled clients generally decrease in service frequency as they progress in the program. CAP curriculum is focused on relapse prevention, skill development, and building support within the community. CAP offers individual counseling sessions held once per week, biweekly or less. Group counseling sessions are available on weeknights and weekends to accommodate client schedules. Clients attend 1-4 group sessions each week depending on their level of care.

    CAP group schedule:
    Monday 6pm-9pm
    Wednesday 6pm-9pm
    Thursday 6pm-9pm
    Saturday 10am-1pm
    *CAP services will be offered in-person when it is safe to do so.

Crossroads Aftercare Mentorship Program (CAMP)

  • Gender-specific Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program for clients after they have discharged from a Crossroads Residential program and are residing in a Crossroads community living bed. CAMP is intended for clients who have a desire to develop peer mentorship skills while continuing treatment for their substance use disorder. Curriculum is relapse prevention focused with an emphasis on skill building through service opportunities.CAMP group schedule:
    Men: Monday – Thursday 9am-12pm
    Women: Tuesday – Friday 2pm-5pm

Crossroads 360 Community Care Clinic is an integrated multidisciplinary team comprised of primary care services, mental health services, OBGYN services, MAT services, specialty care services, social care services, community care services, and  chronic care management services. These services, by design, are directed by the individual and team.

We promote collaboration, build shared vision, develop protocols for care delivery, and facilitate care coordination for those individuals who have challenges with substance abuse, mental health, and co-occurring disorders.

We are creating best-practice care pathways to deliver integrated care and accept mutual accountability for the holistic needs of the highest-risk individuals we serve. We are improving outcomes while controlling costs. We are changing lives, helping patients to be wholly capable of their best life.


Crossroads @ Pure Heart offers trauma-competent outpatient addiction treatment services. We offer a 12 week program, meeting 3 times per week, each session 3 hours. Our group size is kept at no more than 8–10 members per group. Our outpatient program is ideal for those who have already completed a residential, inpatient or partial hospitalization treatment program and are looking for further care. Some patients may qualify for our IOP program without first participating in an inpatient program. A comprehensive assessment is completed prior to admitting to our IOP. The clinical team will work closely with the patient to decide which type of group is most appropriate. Click HERE to learn more.

Self-Pay: Right Track Phase I offers proven successful results and incredible financial value in that it costs less than 10% of other treatment programs. This includes 30-days of residential substance abuse treatment including all services and three professionally prepared meals each day. Payment may be made using cash, credit/debit card, money order or check.

Insurance: We accept insurance including AHCCCS. Contact Admissions at 602-263-5242 for more information.

Scholarship: Scholarship opportunities are available pending in-person interview and approval via our admissions department.

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