(formerly Working Poor Tax Credit)

Help men and women in recovery, and in the process,
receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state income taxes!

How does it work? You can make a donation to Crossroads of any amount (up to $421 if filing singly or $841 if filing jointly for your Arizona state tax return). When you file your Arizona taxes, you can claim a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Charitable Tax Credit that will either reduce your tax liability or increase your refund.

The good news is, you no longer have to itemize your deductions in order to receive this credit!

Complete AZ Form 321 and include it when you file your 2023 state taxes. Crossroads will provide your year-end giving summary by April 15, 2024. (And many online services allow you to complete this form digitally while doing your taxes!)

To give by check, please mail to: Crossroads, Inc. 2002 E. Osborn Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85016. Be sure to write ‘Tax Credit’ on your check memo line.

Arizona allows you to take a dollar-for-dollar credit on your state taxes when you donate up to $400 for single filers, or $800 for married couples filing jointly to a qualified organization. The tax credit was previously known as the Working Poor Tax Credit. If you file federal income tax returns, you are also allowed to deduct all your charitable donations to Crossroads, Inc.

Your donations will help provide the best possible care for the men and women in our recovery programs.

This includes:

  • both our in and outpatient addiction treatment programming
  • three nutritious meals per day prepared and served by our professional kitchens
  • access to our online recovery meetings
  • basic personal hygiene needs such as shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • the development of our prevention programming
  • maintaining our campus facilities i.e. plumbing, paint, electrical, etc.
  • increased need for PPE supplies in covid times
  • administrative and case management needs for our clients

No. You can fill out the short AZ Form 321 and claim the credit, even if you are claiming the standard deduction. Consult your tax professional for more instructions and details.

This tax credit is allowed in addition to the education credit and the Foster Care Credit, so you don’t have to choose, you can contribute to all three.

Crossroads’ Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization Code is 20454. Tax ID# 86-0182987.
All certified charities have been assigned a QCO code, and will be required to provide on your taxes.

Yes, it does! On March 27, 2020, the CARES Act was signed into law. Part of that act provided additional tax incentives for donations to churches and charities.

The law created a $300 above-the-line tax deduction for charitable contributions given by filers taking the standard deduction and expands the limit on charitable contributions for itemizers.

Click here to read a paper from the National Christian Foundation with more information.

You must make your donation on or before April 15, 2023 for your donation to be applied to the 2022 tax year.

You can donate online, or by mail at:

The Crossroads, Inc. – Donations
2002 E. Osborn Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Want to make an in-kind donation of tangible items instead?
Visit our Amazon Charity list.


As always, we recommend consulting your financial planner or tax professional when tax law is involved.

If you have other any questions regarding donations, please contact Charlie Nemeth at 602.263.5242 Ext. 1509 or email him at