Crossroads – East Campus

East Campus opened in 1960 and consists of 12 fully furnished 4-bed units for men. Communal gathering and visiting with guests at a large courtyard and meeting hall that hosts many community events.

Address: 1845 East Ocotillo Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Admissions & Enrollment: Call 602-263-5242

This campus is staffed 24 hours a day.

The campus consists of:

  • 12 fully furnished 4-bed units complete with bathrooms, showers, dressers, lockers, closets, and personal work space
  • Laundry facilities (free of charge)
  • Commercial kitchen & large dining hall
  • Job search computer; and staff offices.
  • Large courtyard
  • Large meeting hall, accommodating 200 people, & hosts multiple 12-step/other community support meetings & events each week

Online Zoom Virtual 12-Step Meeting Schedule

12-Step Meeting Schedule

Due to Covid-19, Our facility-hosted al-anon meetings are postponed until further notice. Please see the virtual meeting options.

AA, 12 Step Meeting Schedule at Crossroads East

AA, 12 Step Meeting Schedule at Crossroads East