Crossroads – Pure Heart Intensive Outpatient Program

Crossroads at Pure Heart is an intensive outpatient program with an emphasis on relapse prevention trauma and wellness for individuals in recovery from substance use order. The program seeks to build confidence and positivity in each client through a holistic treatment approach. Engagement in health and wellness activities improves the mind and bodies overall health and can lead to reduction in cravings and less desires to use substances. We offer clients a 12 week minimum program, meeting 4 times per week Monday through Thursday for 3 hour sessions.

  • We ask “what happened” as opposed to “what is wrong with you.”

  • We understand that when someone has been traumatized their responses might be black & white or “all or nothing”

  • We understand that substance use, eating disorders, violent behavior, depression or anxiety as a possible symptoms of trauma

  • We respect, support, inform, connect and give hope that “post-traumatic growth” is real and can happen to them

  • We know that someone with trauma is 7 times more likely to struggle with alcohol and 10 times more likely to use illicit drugs

14240 N. 43rd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85306

(43rd Ave just north of Thunderbird Rd)


Phone: (602) 730-3380