Residential Right Track

Right Track is a highly structured, 45-day intensive residential treatment program that incorporates:

Individualized assessment of needs

  • Treatment & Support Services
  • Program Planning
  • Goal Setting

  • Physical Health Eval

  • Peer Mentoring designed to prepare residents for a successful treatment experience, as well as to assist them throughout the treatment process

  • Individual and group substance abuse counseling

  • 6 days per week of intensive psychoeducational groups consisting of substance abuse and recovery education, relapse prevention, basic life skills, coping strategies, anger/feelings management and conflict resolution.

  • 12-step meetings and SMART Recovery groups, including over 100 self-help meetings held on our campuses each week

  • Mental health and physical health referrals

  • Coordination of care/family involvement

  • Aftercare and discharge planning

  • Weekly drug and alcohol testing to ensure sobriety