Just in time for the holidays, Amazon recently introduced AmazonSmile Charity Lists. And as the covid pandemic has pushed us to reach out to our community for help with our in-kind donations, with have decided to take advantage of this powerful platform. Charity Lists is a new feature of AmazonSmile that provides nonprofits like us an easy way to create lists while providing a convenient way for customers to donate needed items. Our donators get the reassurance that the curated list is managed directly by us, so they know that everything listed is exactly what we need.

Your donation to Crossroads through our Amazon Charity List, directly benefits the men and women in our addiction recovery programs. These everyday items help our clients meet their most basic needs, so that they can feel good about themselves and focus on their substance abuse recovery journey. Getting sober isn’t easy for someone with substance abuse disorder, so any help that our supporters can provide is so apprectiated.

And there’s more than just us! There are hundreds of Charity Lists, supporting causes such as pets and animals, education and youth, health, veterans, and more. Customers can shop and donate items of various price points and categories, as each Charity List is carefully curated based on the needs of the chosen charity.

To donate items to Crossroads through our Amazon Charity List, please click HERE!