We could not be any more excited to announce the arrival of the new Crossroads Clinical Training program!

This program has been a long time coming, and is really a culmination of years of experience from many of our great Crossroads’ staff members. The training is an important inclusion to the continued investment into the growth and development of staff, providing them with the tools they need to deliver the best service(s) possible to our Clients, in their addiction recovery journey.

The training is held in the Crossroads’ training room at the corporate office each Tuesday, and covers such elements as:

Clinical workflow, group facilitation, discharge workflow, collaborating with the Client during 1:1 sessions, and developing treatment plans. Crossroads staff who attend the trainings receive a certificate of completion and proficiency in these (and other) areas. This is an enormous step forward, as everyone benefits from training, and we are eternally grateful to all who made this program possible. As an organization, steps like these help us provide the best care possible to our clients seeking sobriety and healing from substance abuse.

If you have any questions about this program, please reach out to Will Copeland at 602.263.5242 ext. 1504 or william.copeland@thecrossroadsinc.org.


Clinical training classroom


Clinical trainer Will Copeland