Outpatient & Aftercare Services

Recovery from substance use disorder does not end after an individual completes residential treatment. Crossroads Outpatient Department offers multiple outpatient and aftercare sections.

Maintaining a routine and keeping up with a personal recovery program can be difficult after leaving a Crossroads facility. External factors and influences can emerge, and anxiety and stressors can become overwhelming. Continued care treatment in an outpatient and aftercare program can help individuals stay connected and focused by providing accountability, support, resources, and continued skill building to ensure successful long-term recovery.

Crossroads Pretrial Outpatient Program (CPOP)

  • Comprehensive Outpatient program for U.S. Pretrial Services clients which includes halfway house placement and subsequent aftercare services. CPOP has sections for Men at Crossroads Arcadia facility and for Women at Crossroads Flower facility. CPOP Curriculum is focused on relapse prevention, ongoing reintegration, and emotional preparation for sentencing.

Crossroads Aftercare Program (CAP)

  • Co-ed outpatient program offered via telehealth. CAP has both conventional Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) levels of care available. Enrolled clients generally decrease in service frequency as they progress in the program. CAP curriculum is focused on relapse prevention, skill development, and building support within the community. CAP offers individual counseling sessions held once per week, biweekly or less. Group counseling sessions are available on weeknights and weekends to accommodate client schedules. Clients attend 1-4 group sessions each week depending on their level of care.

Crossroads Aftercare Mentorship Program (CAMP)

  • Gender-specific Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program for clients after they have discharged from a Crossroads Residential program and are residing in a Crossroads community living bed. CAMP is intended for clients who have a desire to develop peer mentorship skills while continuing treatment for their substance use disorder. Curriculum is relapse prevention focused with an emphasis on skill building through service opportunities.

    CAMP group schedule:
    Men: Monday – Thursday 9am-12pm
    Women: Tuesday – Friday 2pm-5pm