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Lee Pioske, Executive Director
Lee has been Crossroads’ leader since 1998 and his favorite thing about Crossroads is that the organization will help anyone who is willing to learn a new way of life.

Shannon Casazza, Development Manager
Shannon has been with Crossroads since 2012 and she admires the passion and dedication of staff and the amazing impact the organization has on thousands of residents’ and community member’s lives each year.

Joe Peterson, Admissions Director
Joe has been with Crossroads since 2009 and he enjoys the fellowship of men and women in recovery that Crossroads provides.

Christopher Brock, Admissions Coordinator
Christopher has been with Crossroads since 2015 and is honored to work for the most respected name in Phoenix recovery, where every person, regardless of background, has an opportunity to change their life.

Carrie Anderson, Admissions Assistant
Carrie has been with Crossroads since 2014 and her favorite thing about Crossroads is that individuals, staff and the community are provided the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Jorge Lomas, Director of Food Services
Jorge has been with Crossroads since 1996. Jorge loves that no matter what situation arises, Crossroads staff works together as a team to find a solution

Tammy Wilson, Chief Financial Officer
Tammy has been with Crossroads since 2007. Tammy loves the positive feeling she gets from the staff and loves that Crossroads is more than a place for individuals to get clean and sober — it is a family that is there for you no matter what.

Christopher Riley, Compliance Officer
Chris has been with Crossroads since 2007 and he enjoys that his job doesn’t feel like work and loves the fulfillment he gets from being an important part of people’s recovery.

Dominic Scarano, Assistant Controller
Dominic has been with Crossroads since 2014 and enjoys both the sense of family and community between everyone involved at Crossroads.

Dan Williams, Maintenance Supervisor
Dan has been with Crossroads since 2005 and enjoys the family environment of Crossroads.

Karem Garcia, Clinical Quality Manager
Karem joined Crossroads in 2015 and has been active in direct services since 1998. What she likes most about Crossroads is the staff’s utmost commitment to compassionate care. Staff has the special ability to instill hope by demonstrating with their daily actions that recovery is possible!

Aaron Sorenson, Admissions Coordinator
 Aaron has been with Crossroads since 2015 and he loves how Crossroads is so understanding and empathetic of what I was going through with my addiction. Crossroads has given me structure in my life and has taught me how to be happy and to be a person of integrity.

Lara Wilson, Insurance Coordinator
Lara joined Crossroads in 2016.  She states From the moment I started at Crossroads I felt like family.  I love coming to work each day knowing that I contribute to such a great organization that helps so many every single day.

Jessica Young, Human Resources Coordinator
Jessica has been with Crossroads since 2016 If you love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life. Working at Crossroads has given that quote true meaning; this doesn’t feel like work but like being with family.

William Copeland, Clinical Quality Specialist
It’s an absolute honor to work in an environment wherein I am able to see transformation of someone who was without hope, into someone who now has a sense of purpose-a direct result of the unconditional love and genuine compassion given by all who work here.  William has been with Crossroads since 2015.

Amy King, Bookkeeper
Amy has been with Crossroads since 2014.  The thing she loves about Crossroads is that every day the staff has an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people we help. We truly do something meaningful and important for the families and loved ones in our community.

Dustin Whiteside, Admissions Coordinator
Dustin became a member of Crossroads’ team in 2016 and his favorite thing about working at Crossroads is working on the front lines, helping people begin their recovery journey. He loves his co-workers and helping others.

Amelia Wilson, Development Coordinator
Amelia joined Crossroads’ staff in 2017 and she loves that she instantly felt welcomed by all of the staff and she feels as if the opportunity Crossroads has provided her is a once in a lifetime deal.

Donna Alexander,
Director of Franchise Operations

Donna has been with Crossroads since 2010 and her favorite thing about Crossroads is being able to give back what she has been so freely given. She enjoys sharing her professional expertise and personal experiences with others and she is excited to have the opportunity to expand Crossroads’ program model across the nation.


Megan Gehrlich, West Program Manager
Megan has been with Crossroads since 2016. She loves that we truly strive to create a home environment that is conducive to recovery. I love watching new clients discover what recovery can do for them and they start to develop a real sense of what they want their future story to be.

David Leos, Arcadia Program Coordinator
David has been a part of the Crossroads family since 2012 and enjoys that working for Crossroads gives him the ability to help the community. His work is his biggest blessing.

Greg Halvorson, East Program Coordinator
Greg has been with Crossroads since 2012. He loves being a part of the Crossroads family because it allows him to take part in huge, positive change in hundreds of people’s lives each year.

John House, Midtown Program Coordinator
John has been with Crossroads since 2010 and loves that Crossroads helps individuals live a life free from substance abuse.

Nicholas Sanders, Red Mountain Program Coordinator
Nicholas Sanders has been with Crossroads since 2014 and he enjoys the sense of community and love that radiates from the staff and all the campuses.

Jenice Johnson, Crossroads for Women Program Coordinator
Jenice joined Crossroads’ staff in 2016. Her favorite things about working at Crossroads are getting to share her story and use her experience to give women hope and guidance, getting to see miracles happen daily, and watching the company grow.

Randy Dannheim, Clinical Supervisor
Randy has been with Crossroads since 2003. His favorite thing about Crossroads is its reputation in the community, the priceless impact the organization has on the surrounding community, and watching clients rebuild and regain dignity and self- respect.

Delia Consentino, Clinical Supervisor
Delia has been with Crossroads since 2016. She loves working for Crossroads because the staff treats clients as family by welcoming each new client with a heartfelt “welcome home!”

Scott Winebrenner, Clinical Lead
Scott has been with Crossroads since 2014. What he loves about Crossroads is that a good portion of staff are recovering addicts who are able to share the knowledge they have gained about the disease, as well as their own experiences to help the next suffering addict learn a better way of life.

Tim Sims, Clinical Lead
Tim began working at Crossroads in 2017 and his favorite part of working for Crossroads is learning as much as possible, retaining tiny bits of information here and there, and staying sober while doing it.

Samantha Hall, Clinical Lead
Samantha joined Crossroads’ staff in 2016 and she loves the amazing women she gets to meet every day and enjoys witnessing their amazing journeys as they go through the process of recovery.

John Mills, Clinical Lead
John Mills joined Crossroads’ team as a clinical lead in 2017 and he enjoys being able to help those in need and support their growth throughout our program as they go through treatment.

Todd Cohara, Clinical Lead
Todd became a staff member in 2014. His favorite thing about working for Crossroads is that he has been given the opportunity to grow as a human being, and give back to the community around him.